We need your help to fight the destruction of Walnut Canyon! – PLEASE EMAIL!

We need your help to fight the destruction of Walnut Canyon! – PLEASE EMAIL!

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Dear friends and neighbors,

As you may know, a proposed 32 tract house development promises to destroy Walnut Canyon and massively impact the Glassell Park neighborhood. The developers have submitted a DEIR (Draft Environmental Impact Report), and we have until February 21st at 4:00pm to respond.

This will be one of the LAST opportunities for the neighborhood to let the city know why this development is not only unwanted, but haphazardly prepared. In addition to the lawyer response being prepared thanks to your gracious donations to GoFundMe, it’s critical for you to also email a personal response to the city for this DEIR. We need to show the city how many of us oppose this massive development which will wreak havoc on our peaceful community and destroy Walnut Canyon. To make things easier for you, we have prepared an email for you to copy and paste.

If you want to voice your concern, go to this webpage created to help community members submit responses.  We NEED to submit as many responses as possible: http://walnutcanyon.org/DEIR_comments.html

We ask that, if possible, please personalize your email with your own observations, pictures, etc. The more evidence we have to dispute the findings in the DEIR, the better our chances to stop the Abode development.

If you have any questions or issues as to how to respond, please email questions@walnutcanyon.org.

Please forward this to anyone who wants to help. This will impact us all. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Thank you so much for your continued support!

Here is some more information to those unfamiliar so far:

The Abode developers have completed and submitted their Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) to the City, a critical final step in the approval process for their development. This Report is open to public review and criticism until February 21. If this DEIR is accepted by the City of Los Angeles, it will be very difficult to stop the Abode development from going forward. The DEIR can be viewed at: http://www.walnutcanyon.org/DEIR_pdfs.html

The DEIR completely misrepresents the impact this 32 house development will have on the landscape, on the surrounding neighborhood, and on Northeast L.A. open space generally. The development’s huge impact on local traffic, noise, water runoff, wildlife migration patterns, and protected trees is dismissed in the document. Walnut Canyon provides an easily accessed green area that gives residents and the larger local community access to walking, hiking, relaxing and learning about nature, with all the health benefits that such outdoor activities provide.