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Dear friends and neighbors,

We cannot tell you how floored we are by your response.  Our best case scenario was to get 100 people to write to City Planning asking for a full, comprehensive EIR and for an alternate study to envision Walnut Canyon as park land.  

You went above and beyond – 126 people sent emails and letters!  That is a phenomenal response.  We also received a letter from our friends at the Mt. Washington Homeowners Alliance supporting us.  And, we have been told that the Federation of Hillside and Canyon Associations (45 neighborhood organizations with a membership of 200,000 people) is also sending a letter supporting our cause.  

Our attorney has taken all of your letters and bundled them with an incredibly powerful cover letter, citing case law and citing land use laws which bolster our position.  It is an incredible document.

While the City does not have to respond to our comments, but they do take what we have said into consideration in preparing a draft EIR, which usually takes a few months, or it could be longer on controversial projects, like this.  Once that Draft EIR is released, then there will be another 30 day comment period, which the City is required to respond to all comments at that time…and then we get into the Final EIR.

So as you can tell, we still have a ways to go.  Hopefully, the developer will see we are serious about fighting them every step of the way and they will realize that rather than have to go through such a painful process, it would be wiser to sell the land as park space. 

We will continue to keep you updated on our progress and call upon your help and support in many ways.

Thank you again for turning out in force – you have not let us down and we will do our best to be your champion.

Any questions, please contact us at:


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