Our Mission

NELAGreenspace Group PictureOur mission is to advocate for the preservation of green space in the hillsides of Glassell Park in order to provide park equity through passive recreation parks to those in Glassell Park and Northeast LA’s densely populated, underserved communities and in doing so, help enrich the lives of those in Northeast LA.


A satellite shot of the 4 Canyons and how they connect.

4 Canyons PictureWalnut, El Rosa, Moss and Barryknoll are all interconnected and are vital links in a wildlife chain that joins the LA River to the Arroyo Seco. In a 2009 study commissioned by the MRCA, the report designated Walnut (which they called “Maricopa”), El Rosa and Moss Canyons collectively as “Walnut Canyon.” The report saw “Maricopa”, El Rosa and Moss Canyons as valuable open spaces that should be preserved as a whole (Barryknoll was not in the study at that time, but NELAGreenSpace feels its inclusion is important). The four canyons contain or are adjacent to easements that are part of the City of Los Angeles’ original plan to create public stairways, thus making these four canyons even more accessible for all. People can walk from the Crestmoore steps (at the edge of the Glassell Park Recreation Center at Verdugo) to El Rosa Canyon, then access Barryknoll, Moss and Walnut canyons. These public stairways would make it easier for people to have a healthy, energetic hiking experience that includes some of the most beautiful natural spaces and views in Northeast Los Angeles.

4 Canyons.jpgIn addition, all four canyons can serve a public safety benefit in disaster preparedness scenarios. Walnut, El Rosa, Moss and Barryknoll Canyons can be used as staging areas in cases of extreme emergency, such as a large earthquake. And, there are opportunities in all four canyons to create community gardens for people who live in multi-family housing or in higher density neighborhoods that lack any real access to green space. With all of these benefits, NELAGreenSpace feels strongly that Walnut, El Rosa, Moss and Barryknoll Canyons must be viewed as a whole for protection & preservation. These four canyons are key to providing greater park equity to residents in Glassell Park and the larger Northeast Los Angeles region.